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Sarah Linton

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9 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress


When you hear the word H E A L T H – What comes up for you? What thoughts do you have?

Do you divert directly to DIET? or GYM? or LYCRA? Is there an ‘uh-oh here I go again, another failed attempt at a weight loss programme?’ Is there a focus on deprivation and pain?

If we shift our focus to healthy habits, lifestyle change and holistic happiness, we are able to alter our approach, and positively impact the way we feel.

Whatever HEALTH means to you – there is a common thread that often gets overlooked – the ‘S’ word – S T R E S S

What does STRESS have to do with being healthy?

It is not unusual to continuously feel the pace of life’s treadmill, overwhelmed in an under a happy state of fatigue. In our modern world, we have become accustomed to believing this is how life rolls forgetting the vital role of self-care for wellness.

Our stress levels impact everything. How we feel, what we think, what we see (or don’t see )  what we do (or don’t do) and how we do it.

Being in a consistent state of STRESS can result in insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, issues with digestion and so much more. This will affect your physical, mental and energetic wellness – your vitality.

Here are a few pointers for healthy habits that can be accessed no matter what life throws your way.

1) Breathe Deeply & Get Your Zen-on

Breathe. It takes 3 minutes to reset from confusion to calm. Anytime – anywhere.

This is one of THE simplest ways to reset.

Do you use the full capacity of your lungs & breathe deeply?
How many times do you stop to reset each day?

2) Move It : Want to get it out? Sweat it out.

Whatever ‘Movement’ means and works for you. What works for your body?

Movement = more than the usual needs of getting from A-to-B .

      • releases mood-boosting endorphins
      • lower stress hormones,
      • improves sleep
      • accelerates circulation
      • moves nutrients to where they are needed
      • boosts confidence
      • builds muscle

Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed – find a way to move! You’ll not only feel fantastic – you will glow & radiate a positive vibe.

Photo Credit : >Chris Ensey | 9 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress

3) Write It : To help process what is present for you.

Write it down. It helps to:

      • get honest with feelings
      • connect to your truth
      • help gain clarity
      • release emotions
      • disassociate from the stories we tell ourselves
      • to dream

List 5 things that always bring a smile to your face.

4) Share It

Love safety and belonging are known to be vital human needs

When we express how we feel, a weight is lifted off your shoulders. If we take a S A W approach we can think of sharing as Safely Authentically Without judgement.
Sharing will help:

      • get perspective
      • uncover blocks or blind spots
      • get clarity
      • feel understood & validated
      • shine a light on any darkness
      • spark joy
      • calms & reduces stress

Few things in life are better than sharing with a person you love & trust. Phoning a friend, speaking with a family member or discussing with a professional can bring a deep sense of relief. That monkey mind can keep you dancin’ & procrastinating!

Photo Credit : >Pocketfullofgrace | 9 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress

5) Touch Nature – Take a walk.

Disconnect from your busy-ness and reconnect to the present. Evidence-based research now links nature with mental wellness

This healing tip:

      • lowers cortisol
      • nourishes mind, body and soul
      • keeps you physically active
      • lifts mood
      • cultivates creativity
      • spark joy
      • calms & reduces stress
      • lowers heart rate

In Japan, the practice of Shinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy literally means taking a forest bath in an atmosphere of a forest. Developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

      • Take a hike.
      • Walk your dog.
      • Enjoy a stroll through a park.

6) Get Huggingrelease the Love Hormone

Touch is one of the quickest ways to dispel any bad vibes. From cuddling, a massage to hugging or physical intimacy, being touched by another human nurtures & soothes your body, mind and spirit. This releases a feel-good chemical called oxytocin.

OXYTOCIN has long been referred to as the LOVE hormone” or the “CUDDLE hormone because we – and our pets – release it when we hug, touch, or look lovingly into someone’s eyes.

OXYTOCIN is known for producing an immediate feeling of personal satisfaction and is especially important for driving the emotional bond between parent and offspring, which helps ensure continuity of the species.

OXYTOCIN is a powerful neuropeptide that eases stress and boosts your mood.

Even a simple touch can go a long way to helping you be happier and less stressed.

Give those stress-reducing endorphins a boost & have Fun!

7) Practice Gratitude

A mind-blowing powerful practice. It’s free, it’s impactful and the more you practice the happier you feel.

      • promotes happiness
      • focus your thoughts on what’s going well
      • uplifts from within
      • lifts mood
      • cultivates creativity
      • connects us to joy
      • calms & reduces stress
      • connects us to joy
      • relieves stress & anxiety

Gratitude is a deep well of peace and clarity that you can tap into regardless of events. The practice gives you the strength to get back up even when the going gets tough.

8) Make Yourself A Priority – Rest Up And Heal

We would not do it on our phones or our cars. Wouldn’t we plug them or get them serviced to rejuvenate depleted reserves? What makes us run ourselves beyond reserves to Empty. Self-care is vital for our physical & mental wellness.

Making yourself a priority will:

      • enable you to focus on the important things
      • promote sleep
      • restore & repair
      • lift mood
      • reset focus
      • fill your cup so you can fill others

Small & Simple steps:

      • taking a walk
      • a pit stop to a favourite café
      • a spot of gardening
      • time to breathe to reset
Photo Credit: Unkown | 9 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress

9) Dance – Get your groove on as music heals how you feel.

Getting your groove on will:

      • make you feel alive
      • diminish depression
      • boost memory
      • increase energy
      • improve flexibility
      • lift mood
      • improve sleep

Give those stress-reducing endorphins a boost & have Fun!

Why not book in a 15-minute music revival break every day? This will get you multitasking whilst reducing stress! Find a space at work – share it with a friend.

Habit Alert!

When you add a hug with yourself, or your friend at the end of a revival break this will tick many of the boxes – stepping back, breathe, self-care, groove, laugh, then you can write about it and use it to practice gratitude!

Sounds perfect to us!

Even more fabulous – They are all absolutely FREE!


  • Tactics for reducing stress are available to you – right here right now.
  • Pause to breathe.
  • Reducing stress can mean having fun!
  • Tiny habits done consistently add up. Small hinges swing big doors.
  • Sharing with a friend or a colleague can make it easier.

Do any of these tips resonate for you or surprise you? Which ones could you adopt as a daily habit?
Leave a comment below.

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