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Creating your more together

Creating your more together

Step-by-step transformation through accredited life health career leadership personal success coaching

It’s fabulous to see You here!

You are powerful & passionate. You love to create & get things done. On the outside things are pretty good.  Yet…. you crave something MORE  – You are in the right place.

Life Coaching: Tides of Change with Sarah is an oasis to DISCOVER new horizons– know what to NOURISH  & THRIVE in your personal & professional zones. Everyday Vitality where you get to own your MORE.

5 Cornerstones of your Everyday:

Life is short and you deserve to have the energy, time and everyday that you want. I believe that every day is a gift – embrace it and make it count. Are you experiencing contentment, inspiration, prioritising yourself & creating the impact you want in all cornerstones of your everyday? Your Vitality, Career, Relationships, Financial Freedom & your Inspiration.

OR is your truth & reality more like this:

  • You are OVER-working. DO-ing and forgetting how to BE.
  • You are permanently tired, irritable & exhausted thinking to yourself is this really it?
  • You are doing your best as a leader of your every day – yet you feel disconnected, detached, OVER-whelmed, in a fog & UNDER-happy.
  • You are already successful yet fuelled by thoughts of  ‘not Enough”.
  • You are striving, getting heaps done, yet you are struggling with setting boundaries and self-care feels completely selfish.
  • You feel guilty that you feel UNDER-happy.
  • You know something has to change – yet it feels too hard to work it out.

Let us put your mind at ease:

  • You are human.
  • No one has it all worked out.
  • We are all work-in-progress.
  • You are Perfectly Imperfect – just like everyone else.
  • Self-care will enable you to deal with moments of uncertainty and frustration.
  • Your pain, grief or guilt that you fear by starting a conversation is already living in your everyday.

I hear you & I see you.

‘Our world is crying out for a paradigm shift in taking care of ourselves & that involves being intentional with your time + energy in your everyday.’

Sarah Linton Signature

Let's chat over a virtual cuppa. . .

Let's chat over a virtual cuppa. . .

Start by imagining

You have limitless choices available to you. You can create the change you want. Change comes in a collection of forms & sizes and is unique to you. You can create more time and have bountiful energy.

How we help you

Our work together lightens your load. As a Catalyst, we co-create the choices that will elevate your energy and invigorate your vitality. Our conversations help you to know how creative & innovative you already are and to Discover your truth. Trusted, heart-centred conversations where you activate your compass, navigate your ebb and flow of your truth and decide how you act. We have your back in all aspects of your Self Leadership for you and your well-being.

Life Coaching with Sarah

When we work together, your life changes

Health Coaching with Sarah

Vitality & Habit Change

Leadership & Career Coaching with Sarah


If you want to create change – taking that first step is the hardest. If you want to create change in your outcomes – that means changing the way you do you. Our world will never stop changing – how you evolve within it – is on you.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” John Maxwell
“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” John Maxwell

Experience your more in 3 easy steps

1. Discover

Experience 60 minutes focused only on you to Explore your Choices, Create Limitless Possibilities for your New Horizons.

2. Nourish

Explore safe conversations that enable you to navigate your chart and surf your WAVE with ease and flow.

3. Thrive

Celebrate progress NOT perfection. Practicing Habit Change & Failing means you are taking action and growing. Small Steps - BIG Impact

Let's chat over a virtual cuppa. . .

Let's chat over a virtual cuppa. . .