"We may not be able to direct the wind but we can adjust the sails"
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"No need to feed your fears, Nourish your ambitions"
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"We are meant to Thrive, not just survive" 
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'Success is not final, failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts.' - Winston Churchill
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"Share with people who have earned the right to hear your story. Hearing this is a privilege" - Brene Brown
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COVID-19 Update

As our world navigates the impact of Covid-19, we are experiencing more uncertainty than ever before around the globe.  Businesses are having to demonstrate agility whilst changing their landscape & applying flexibility around ways of working. We know this will present many opportunities as well as challenges.
Tides of Change remains open for business and our services have now moved to 100% virtual so we can continue to fully support our clients.   Taking care of your health & vitality is critical as we pivot this unfamiliarity.
Get in touch if we can help you, or your teams navigate these changing times. 
Keep well - Stay home - Save lives.
We are here for you. 

Tides of change

Step-by-Step Transformation
Health | Habit Change | Mindset | Resilience Coaching

We partner our clients to activate their potential, reach their optimal health & build resilience so they can thrive living their best story.
Through evidence-based HABIT CHANGE techniques, they learn how to take empowered  action to
co-create desired outcomes letting go of anything that holds them back from progress 
& sustainable success.

Transformation & Change flows to positively impact how we act, feel, think &  relate. 

Discover your now, Nourish what you need so you can Thrive, Inspire & Share what you choose.

 ARE You....

OVER-Worked?  UNDER-Slept?



Struggling with hormones? ...or simply

STUCK without progress or momentum?


Are you quietly or silently
stuck in overwhelm?

Reclaim & Reactivate your
Energy, Motivation & Confidence so you can live your best story.


 How to move from
 'flat' to 'flowing'. 


Reach your optimum potential & build resilience.  


 Choose your beach and feel the sand between your toes.  


Nuggets of wisdom & inspiration confirms we are always learning.


Connection is at the
core of wellbeing.

Our welcome GIFT for you
Download our 
NEW edition E-book 
5 Most effective steps for your wellBEING  
Revive your Vibe
Do any of these sound familiar?


→  Lack of SLEEP
→  Feeling STUCK
→  Roller coaster EMOTIONS
→  Struggling with ANXIETY 

→  Unable to CONCENTRATE

→  PROCRASTINATION Know what you
need to do,  yet don't know where to start?

                You are NOT alone.

ACTIVATE your personal brilliance.

Get a COACH for Health, Habit Change, Resilience, personal growth & fulfilment so you can live your best story.
"It's not how good you are now - it's how good you are going to be"


We specialise & partner with
 men and women across all related symptoms of feeling stuck  in overwhelm,
stress,  balance & wellness including symptoms relating to hormone health.
Through our seminars, we have proudly opened the conversation around the impact of menopause & andropause in our workplace.

Talk to us about Private & Tailored PROGRAMMES that can assist Individual, Groups, Teams, or Businesses experiencing change or cultural transformation.
Contact us to learn how to feel the freedom at work, home and beyond.
Take a look at our coaching options HERE

Self doubt can make us indecisive with a lack of focus. 
Do you get irritated with yourself or others? 
We can often feel out of balance, giving more to professional life than to personal life. 
Are you thinking  .... Is THIS it?

Our clients DISCOVER new horizons,
NOURISH what they need & 
THRIVE doing more of what they love.
See their outcomes & testimonials HERE

Schedule a  DISCOVERY Call below
Connect for just 60mins to DISCOVER how coaching can move you forward  
Limited availability & complimentary until 30/4/2020 
(Value $97)

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Look out for future skills labs here : 2020

Focus on DISCOVERY & FUN :  Discover what you didn't know you already knew!
Hands On : Interactive : Experiential Personal Learning : 'Light Bulb Moments' 
Leave each Lab knowing that you will have tools to make change NOW.

Designed to make time to DREAM : CREATE : LEARN : LAUGH

Tides of Change FLOWS with :


Making health a priority for ourselves. 
A self care passport where every day is a fresh start.


Where Action becomes your norm.
Consistent action creates consistent results.  


Adventurous, open-minded creativity. New possibilities
start here.


Together & For Self. You are enough. 
 Now : Later : Tomorrow : Always. 


Laughter lights
the 'fun-fuse' in our learning.  


Embrace learning 
with awareness, commitment & belief ; then we practice. 


Cheerleading + Stretch + Tough Love
= full potential.


Doing the right thing even when no-one is watching.


Step by Step
Caring & Guiding.
We water the flowers not the weeds.


Inhale : Exhale

©2019 Tides of Change. All rights reserved