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High pressure. Tight deadlines. Always on. High expectations.

Introducing The Wave

Business & economic demands can lead to fast-paced environments that need focused, engaged, happy & healthy teams where VITALITY is the No 1 priority.

Our busy workspaces, hotels, cafes airports & often the critical people in our teams are propped up by caffeine, poor nourishment, surviving on sugar hits to make it through the days, the weeks to the next deadline.

Ultimately they are dehydrated, undernourished, overworked, responding to the demands of the business, underslept, and operating in the burn-out & stress zone – adrenal fatigue and other health issues are only one more project away.

Coaching is not therapy – it’s business development with YOU as the business..

Coaching is not therapy – it’s business development with YOU as the business..

Catalyst coaching for wisdom and vitality everyday

Corporate & Group Coaching is offered via The Wave.

A collective of coaches who collaborate to bring you even more.

We Keep It Simple and surf the Tides Of Change with you wherever you are.

Workplace stress, always on with pressure of deadlines has become a workplace norm. Having survived & thrived in fast-paced industries, we offer experiences on how to connect to your vitality to benefit you – professionally & personally.

Christine Jull (KIS CoachMe) & Sarah Linton  (TOC) collaborate as
The WAVE (Wellness And Vitality every day) in response to rising demand.


Dedicated coaching support enables individuals & teams to find a balance for their personal health, happiness, professional success, and productivity – leading them to a happier, healthier more fulfilled life.

We offer group, 1 to 1 coaching, skills labs tailored to your needs. Topics include:

Surviving to thriving

  • Self-care for busy professionals.
  • Navigate Overwhelm for Uncertain times.
  • Returning to work (RTW) with Resilience & Adaptability.
  • Navigating Conflict Transformation.
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Experience your more in 3 easy steps

1. Discover

Experience 60 minutes focused only on you to Explore your Choices, Create Limitless Possibilities for your New Horizons.

2. Nourish

Explore safe conversations that enable you to navigate your chart and surf your WAVE with ease and flow.

3. Thrive

Celebrate progress NOT perfection. Practicing Habit Change & Failing means you are taking action and growing. Small Steps - BIG Impact

Let’s chat over a virtual cuppa. . .

Let’s chat over a virtual cuppa. . .