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Meditate for Psychological Wellness

PART 2 of Getting your Zen-on!


When you meditate you can create a shift in your psychological state and positively impact your everyday wellbeing.

In Part 1,  we covered the 10 Physical Health Benefits that will connect you to your Zen.

If that grabbed your attention – here are 10 more reasons to meditate.

10 Psychological Health Benefits and how the habit can nourish your mind.






Discover 10 Psychological Health Benefits to connect you to your Zen.

Like physical exercise, the more often you work out, the more benefits you’ll see and the longer they will last.


Why Meditate?
Here’s our Zen-10.


1. Reduces anxiety and depression.

Firstly, when we meditate, the brain and nervous system undergo radical changes.

One study found zen-type meditations significantly reduce stress when practised over a period of three months.
Another study revealed that meditation literally reduces the density of brain tissue associated with anxiety and worrying.
If you want your stress levels to plummet, meditation could be the answer.


2. Increases Stress Resilience

As a result, we are able to switch off the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation) on a regular basis, we are training our bodies to rapidly recover from the impact of stress.


3. Promotes connection to Positive Emotions.

The cycle starts by reducing stress, as a result, we feel calm, then we connect to the present so even more confidence flows.


4. Encourages Focus & Present Moment Awareness.

Meditation stimulates the pre-frontal cortex with key responsibilities for concentration, focus and problem-solving.


5. Creates Emotional Stability and Intelligence.

By reducing our stress levels, we give our complex endocrine system (hormone system) a chance to do their work amidst our   – we can feel less reactive, less defensive and effortlessly balanced.





6. Stimulates our capacity to learn.

By stimulating the prefrontal cortex, we are also awakening the brain learning centre.
More brain volume = more brainpower.


7. Accesses Empathy and Compassion.

Evidence-based studies scientific studies reveal that our ability to be compassionate and empathetic is a brain game.
Regular meditation rewires the brain and increases our ability to be able to consider the feelings and needs of others and how we could be of service.

A Loving-kindness meditation (sometimes called Metta) is a compassion-based meditation that enhances brain areas associated with mental processing and empathy.


8. Increases a sense of connection to yourself and others.

The more you meditate the more you become aware of who you are therefore creating a connection to self-love and happiness.


9. Connects you to a sense of purpose.

Life takes on greater meaning and you feel a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction.


10. Improves sociability.

One of our 3 human needs. Love – Safety – Belonging.
The power of belonging and connection to self improves our ability to connect to others.
Also increases your sense of social connectedness.
Not a huggy-type person?… You just might become one after trying Metta (loving-kindness meditation).

Sources: The American Journal of Psychiatry, ScienceDirect

Sources: US National Library of Medicine






Where to practice Meditation?

Simply find a peaceful spot where you feel relaxed and content.

A triple bonus will be if you can access nature.

If you want more options here are some tips to help you meditate anywhere.

Mindfulness Resources.


There is a multitude of apps available to help focus your mind.

Take a look at your App store to see what resonates for you.

Tides of Change is always ready to share our best practices:
Here’s a link to some of the best we’ve found.






Together with the physical benefits, a daily habit will create abundant joy and happiness in your everyday.


See our Part 2 – 10 ways Meditation can benefit your Physical Health


Sustainable change happens one step at a time.


Take care of you,

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  • Benefits can be experienced by quieting the mind for 10 to 15 minutes each day.
  • Meditation has the power to permanently change our brains for the better.
  • Quotes about meditation can serve as inspiration for your meditation practice.


Would you give meditation a go knowing the impact on your wellness?

What surprised you about the benefits of meditation? 


We love to hear from our community!

Leave your insight or comments below.

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