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Sarah Linton

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Money: Your Money Story?


When you think about money,
do you feel financially secure or,
are you worried about having enough
for now and for your future?


What comes up for you when your attention is on money?

Not how Much you have – but how you Feel about it.

Is it a mystery that needs attention – or is it already your treasure?



4 Facts about MONEY


  • $£ Dollars/Pounds can be the No 1 rock that causes stress & anxiety, fear and limitations.
  • Finances/Cash/Stash/Doe is the No 1 topic that couples argue about
  • How you think about your ‘Coin’ is reflected in your role and the impact in your life.
  • Dollar/Pounds$£ comes with a weight of emotional baggage

It does not have to be this way.

Want some good news?

However you see it today, you can flip it to be different tomorrow  & we work with you to transfer any of your ‘money mysteries’ to embrace money as your friend for you to treasure.









Music & ‘It’s all about MONEY’


To change it up, I’m linking our Money topic to Music. As Music is in my DNA, it is often a catalyst for my own reflections.


Do you recall this catchy line from Jessie J’s  2011 hit single – Price Tag? 

“It’s not about the money – cha-chang-ch-chang – ba-bling ba-bling.”


Many fabulous anthems have been written about money and the human relationship to it – and yes!

There are elements of mystery around money.

In 2017 I got curious about my mystery & created a Spotify playlist of all my fave Money tracks.


Here’s a link to my Spotify Top 12 ‘It’s all about Money ‘ Playlist to enjoy during your reflection.







WHY give the ‘cash/stash/coin/bacon’ all this attention?


Because your relationship with the ‘coin’ can play havoc with your progress and hold you back from creating what you want.

When you give this air time, you will discover that you are far from alone & you are human.

In reality, you may even find that you are in fabulous company.


Why not catch up on this with your ‘FAB-5’  that
create your inspiration, stretch and motivation for each other?


It can be fun to share, knowing there will be a collective of OVER Spenders, Hoarders, Fear-fueled, procrastinating leaders of life who fall into a number of camps:

  • Don’t think they will ever have enough,
  • Did not think they deserved money,
  • Feared having money or
  • Did not EVER want to talk about money.


This little gem can be at the root of your belief system that suffocates your growth & advancement.



Are those £$£$’s your Friend or are they your Mystery?


Do you talk with ease or are you already squirming in your gut with your palms sweating?

Are you already telling yourself “I hate talking about money?”

Check out our headline summary below of what might be relevant for you?

Why not flick on the Spotify List and take a few minutes to notice where your Treasure may be.




Where is your $$$££ MINDSET?

Is it a Mystery or have you found Treasure?



Your Money Mindset


Money is actually neutral.
It’s us humans that add meaning to it.



N.B. Side Note – Real & Raw


In my formative years, I was blessed & experienced treasure & abundance.

And then – the polar opposite.

In my mid-teens, everything shifted to mystery & scarcity.
As one of 11 children, I don’t remember clarity on simple money lessons.

When my family experienced struggle & subsequent trauma with the loss of our family home – my safe house (parents experienced business bankruptcy), I was catapulted into adult-hood responsibility before I was ready & my money story followed – ‘there would never be enough’ ..(there followed my driving and subsequent burnout!)



If you are struggling to get clarity on what you want
book in with your Catalyst Coach HERE.

We can accelerate your outcomes with you.



The number of 0000’s on your BANK statement is factual.


Yet …they are NOT the whole picture.

If anyone had tried to tell me that in my early 20’s (whilst studying, working at my Uni placement whilst juggling café / bar jobs to pay rent and find a way to cover the fees & bills),
I would have (& did!) dealt the ‘death stare’, raised my eyes to the sky and walked in the other direction.

My No. 1 priority was to survive, earn and secure a safe roof over my head, stay out of debt, avoid credit charges and find a way of saving enough to buy my own safe house that no one could ever take away from me & I made that happen amidst ongoing learning & plenty of errors and reframes.

At that time, my focus was only to survive Vs. doing any work on my brain on how I related to ££$$’s.

It took me the next 2 decades to unravel my relationship and accept money as a treasure that creates freedom.

I like most of us, will continue to work on any historical money-weird!



Do you recognise any pattern of running a story around mystery? (scarcity) or can this be transferred
to being your treasure? (abundance)


Have a play with our TOC MONEY-MANGER Quiz HERE XXXXX add link.

You will learn which one of these 4 Money-Managers

A Money-P…..

1) …Procrastinator?
2) …Pleaser?
3) …Pretender? OR a
4) … Pushover?









Current circumstances are all part of our ‘Why?’ for our Ebook as our gift to you.

A free guide to 5 Steps to Create More Time, Get More Sleep & have More energy.


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Remember, sustainable change happens one step at a time.

Small Steps Big Impact.


Have fun & take care of  YOU,

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Takeaways: Money Story


  • Everyone has their story – You are not alone.
  • Sharing can help you discover your treasure.
  • You will be happier when you know what drives the narrative.
  • You can update & your transform your money story.

What’s your insight?

We love to hear from our community!

Leave your insight or comments below.


Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton specialises in making change a reality for your personal and professional evolution whilst keeping vitality at the core. A former business leader at global organisations including the Walt Disney Company. A Director, Master Coach, Mum and Founder of Tides of Change, Sarah is passionately connected to her True North as a prolific creator of new horizons & holding that as a vision for all clients partnering across time zones in the UK, USA & Asia Pacific. When we talk your world can change. "Life doesn't move in straight lines, and neither does a good conversation" - Margaret J. Wheatle.

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