"We may not be able to direct the wind -  we can adjust the sails"


How to move from, flat to flowing.
Navigate the ebb & flow of our tides, so that we can breakthrough barriers that hold us
back from our optimum wellness, happiness, vitality & progress.

15 easy access locations for meditation on the move

Meditation on the move – Can you find 20 minutes during your day to find quiet and calm in your mind & your life? Sit, stand or simply ‘be’ wherever you are. If you were in In Thailand, Bhutan, China or India, you would see many monks adorning saffron orange robes sitting crossed legged on …

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9 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

When you hear the word H E A L T H – What comes up for you? What thoughts do you have? Some divert directly to DIET – GYM – LYCRA – an ‘uh oh! here I go again another failed attempt at my weight loss programme!’ The focus on deprivation or pain. For others, …

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7 tips to habit change: How to revitalise your life

The last decade has seen expansive insights and understanding of the neurology of habit formation. The ongoing research is plentiful & has revolutionised the way patterns work within our lives that relate many aspects of human behaviour. 40% of “decisions” we make every day are not really decisions – they’re HABITS. What you repeatedly do …

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