HABIT CHANGE is transforming our health & wellness landscape enabling us to embrace optimum health.

Here tides flow & new horizons await!
We often need a nudge to remind ourselves that our life can be a combination of  BE-ing as well
as the DO-ing.   

To help you get to know us here are a few of our BE's.

BE Alive to Thrive

As a Parent & Principal Coach with a passion to create a wave of positive change in our world, it's imperative to draw on the experience of the before, & be present with what is our now.

We partner individuals who are experiencing the effects of overwhelm or feeling stuck without momentum. We discover the effects on physical & mental wellness & move forward step-by-step so that we can truly THRIVE.

BE a problem solver

My curiosity for wellbeing & my work with Mindset, Health & building Resilience has been embroidered throughout my career.  Our programmes have impacted many individuals through personal experience, family, training & development, seminars, courses, team & private coaching sessions.

BE resourceful

Imagine knowing freedom from overwhelm around the  
3 P's (NOT People Product & Process) 
Do these resonate?
3 P's that are consistently creating a lack of momentum:

BE Versatile 

We engage with individuals, groups, teams & businesses to implement self awareness programmes that help protect bottom line by retaining & nurturing talent who may be affected by health & wellness challenges.  We have a special interest in supporting leadership teams embrace support for Hormone Health. 
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Mind, Mood & Food
◊ Hormone Heaven
◊ Fatigue to Flourishing 
BE an Initiator

I have been influential in initiating wellness, mindfulness & habit change within home, work & study bases.  We partner with personal & home based business around family life.  It is enlightening to connect with such brilliance. (professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, mums, dads, students & more recently grandparents)

have all been hallmarks of my career  

With a Business & Commerce background in UK Retail & Senior leadership roles in Retail, Sales, Marketing & Talent Development, my expertise & passion has been driven by transformation, collaboration & human behaviour. 

BE Grateful 

I feel enormous gratitude for 2 decades of corporate investment into my own growth which included recruiting, leading, training & developing individuals' & team potential in Retail & Corporate organisations.  
JLP |  UK Retail partners |  P & G
 The Walt Disney Company

Recently, (along with teen parenting) I have teamed up with Leadership professionals, SME's, Entrepreneurs, Parents, Students, Teenagers, Millennials & individuals caught in the 'busy'ness of today's fast paced world.

BE Focussed

Integrating change initiatives, meeting business demands & cultural transformation have to align with delivering profit, cost, productivity targets as well as customer & employee satisfaction measures.  Alignment of Focus with Self Care are essential.

BE OK with not being OK

I learnt not being OK is absolutely OK : there is always a way forward & the sun will always rise.  At times we need a helping hand. Its positive to ask for help. 
Amidst my corporate years, there were periods when i struggled with aspects of my work,  Family life balance & burn out.  The experiences of unexplained secondary infertility, adrenal fatigue & subsequent menopause led me to assess & access guidance to support personal wellness within our home & work place.
These insights fuelled my passion to assist others overcome the effects of stress, overwhelm & hormone health across all areas of our lives.

BE a Learner

On reflection, I would have exchanged my Business & Commerce to major in Psychology.  There is no ceiling to learning. This chapter of my life & work has consistently kept me growing & curious. Above all people connect me to my purpose. I invested in the study NLP & our mindset & how to unlock our personal potential, address limiting beliefs that hold us back from our optimum wellness & ultimate happiness. As a learner we continue to grow whilst gaining understanding, knowledge, wisdom & culture. 

BE Courageous

Having embraced a family adventure & moved countries to NZ with my husband & 2 teenage sons, I continued my burning desire to embrace this new chapter to support others in their transformation.  This transition took courage & built even deeper resilience.

I became fully immersed in the concept that the personal growth we experience is at its greatest when we lean into any challenges we face.  Limitless possibilities are out there.  

 Transformation enables individuals to establish habit change that moves them closer to their goals & dreams.  

Our Programmes at Tides of Change have been created from insight, motivation, compassion & learnings from hands on experience. 

BE Open

If you are open to exploring your own potential, and welcome support to build resilience, renewed energy, vitality & confidence whilst avoiding the symptoms & anguish that coincides with feeling stuck or in overwhelm, Tides of Change can help.  

We would be thrilled to connect with you. 
Travel Lightly,

Founder & Principle Coach

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Parent | Founder | Principle Coach at Tides of Change

Certified Health | Mindset | Transformation | Resilience Coach


UK - FHT : Federation of Holistic Therapies
AUS/NZ - IICT : International Institute for Complementary Therapists 
NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 
Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
Life Coach (CCE Continuing Coach Education)
Member of ICF : International Coaching Federation
WRPO Leadership Development (UK) 
IDMNZ - Digital Marketing 

20+ years of Corporate Business Experience 
 Cultural Transformation | Sales & Marketing team Leadership 
Matrix Structures & Cross Divisional initiatives.

Mentor for Project K Teen Mentoring Programme: Promoting the wellbeing of young people and their ability to maximise their potential

Currently engaged with Masters Practitioners Programmes for NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Transformational Coaching
 (Completes mid 2019)


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