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Sarah Linton

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Resilience and Adaptability are part of our new norm.


My inner film geek was reactivated as I was reminded of a line from the 1993 sci-Fi classic, Jurassic Park.

“Life finds a way” is delivered by the character, Dr Ian Malcolm(Jeff Goldblum).

Amidst explaining to the Jurassic Park CEO & management team – no matter what they do to try and control & contain the dinosaurs, he states:






The reference to unleash the beast takes on a whole new meaning.

With the most phenomenal discovery of our time… becomes the greatest adventure of all time.

Transfer the reference from the dinosaurs to humanity – Life finds a Way – can connect us to our own resilience, adaptability and possibility.





5 Touchpoints of Resilience

At this time of ongoing uncertainty, here are 5 touchpoints & actions – 2020, Nature, Epic Humans, Transformation & Self-care – to help view a perspective through an optimistic lens.


1) 2020 Resilience In Action

2020 has already been an action-packed decade.

Royal relationships, the sadness of losses,  Brexit, Epstein investigations, Black lives matter, Global Economics.

Many events of this new decade continue to affect millions – Australian bush fires, Beirut explosion & we continue to be faced with uncertainty.

The current COVID challenges facing our world has put us in a place of much-needed reflection.
We are guided to feed our inner faith over any personal fear.
Aligned with WHO (World Health Organisation) & Government guidelines, we can do our part to manage any disruption,
keep life going as best we can whilst mindfully doing what has been requested.

Every one of us will have an individual experience of Lockdown, Work from Home and how we experience it for ourselves.

As humans we need Connection. Will become even more vital to support our wholeness and wellbeing.

We know this is a temporary set of measures & we will move & grow through the experience.


2) Epic Resilient Humans In Action

Whilst humanity has been responsible for some mass destruction, there are epic humans continually excavating research & scientific advancements.

To name a few:

  • Protection of global species
  • Conservation of our oceans
  • Work on clean water & sanitation
  • Pioneering medicine
  • Explore & discover distant territories in space
  • Water conservation & sanitation
  • Sustainability & finding solutions to human-induced climate change.

Right Now (March 2019), some epic humans are battling to find a way to overcome COVID-19


It’s easy to feel paralysed in the face of mega global challenges – working out how 1 person can contribute to change.

You can. 

We can all make a difference in our own small way. The compound effect is major.

Small Steps – Big Impact is a mantra we hold firmly at our core.

There are many things we can all do to make a difference in our everyday to contribute to the future of our species, and we can get started right away.






3) Nature In Action – Resilience – Life Does Find A Way.

Somehow, nature finds a way to thrive in seemingly impossible environments.

Imagine the worlds harshest climates hosting thriving plant populations.

Here’s a link to the toughest plant on earth amidst desert in Namibia – The Welwitschia. A plant may appear weak, yet they are navigating torrid terrain, finding a chink or a weakness in a habitat or construction, using it to their advantage finding solutions for their survival.

Resilient and determined to survive & to thrive.

In times like this disruption for the protection of our race, humans are doing the same.




 4) Transformation In Action

It’s time to PAUSE.


Time to stop chasing our tails on the hamster wheel, driving & striving on autopilot – just because that’s how we roll in life.

This is a change. A transition to new horizons.

What has been, is no more.

In times of fear, it’s wise to tune into faith for what could be.

Where there is a risk, there will be an opportunity. At any end, there is also a new beginning.

Where a season completes, it is time for new blossom.

Everything suggests we are at the new dawn of the new norm and transformation is already in action.

(ADDITION 09/21 – how we’ve grown ~ 2020/21 have been an encyclopedia of lessons & learning.  I  have learnt so much about adapting pace and meeting myself where I was on a daily basis and focus on the things that can control – an experience that has been massively impactful in my professional and personal practice. I have always been connected to nature – our long lockdowns have given me an updated appreciation to inhale nature at a different pace)





5) Self Care & Vitality In Action

Take Care of You.

Taking care of ourselves, those close to us, our neighbours & communities will be the best gift to our world.

It’s completely natural to have fear and anxiety at times of uncertainty.

Putting on our oxygen mask first for self-care to nourish ourselves becomes essential.

Look after your immune systems & vitality to be in the best position to lead & take care of others.



Calling all Leaders of life!

Students/Parents/Grandparents/Managers/Business leaders/Business owners…


Look after your immune systems & vitality to be in the best position to lead & take care of others.

If you are feeling the effects of stress, check out our 9 Healthy Habits to Reduce Stress 

Taking care of yourself, those close to us, our neighbours & communities will be the best gift to our world.

As the status of our globe unfolds on a daily basis, I remain curious about what this will mean for us all.

Yet, I am hopeful for a better world where we build bridges to get closer to a compassionate community & connection where a ripple effect creates a
WAVE – representing W-isdom A-nd V-itality E-veryday.

The impact & the choices that are now in front of us for ourselves, for those we hold dear, for our businesses, for our clients, for the young and old in our communities are wide & varied.

Today’s priority is to be mindful of our own actions, to take the best care of ourselves & others and kick this Covid-19 into touch.

As the sun sets this eve, we await our new dawn knowing everything is temporary and life will find a way.


Take care of you.






TOC Quote Galleries


Self Care is a HOT topic and very present for many!

As part of our Quote Gallery Series – we worked one up for Self Care to Nourish your eyes,
Inspire you and assure you that you are far from alone.

Grab a cuppa and check it out HERE.




Current circumstances are all part of our ‘Why?’ for our Ebook as our gift to you.
A free guide to create more Time, Get more Sleep & have more energy.
Download it at the link below.


Remember, sustainable change happens one step at a time.


Take care of you,

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  • 2020 represents everything change.
  • Epic humans find breakthroughs.
  • Nature is impressive to survive.
  • Practice building Resilience
  • Essential to practice self-care to build resources.
  • Life will find a way.



Reflecting on 2020 so far, what has had the greatest impact on you & how have you managed it??


At the Tides of Change & The Wave, we can walk with you to connect to
your purpose and make living your intentional life your reality.


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Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton is a Catalyst for change and impact specialising in making change a reality for personal and professional evolution. A former business leader at global organisations including the Walt Disney Company. A Director, Master Coach, Mum and Founder of Tides of Change & The Sarah is passionately connected to her True North as a prolific creator of new horizons & holding that as a vision for her clients partnering across time zones in the UK, USA & Asia Pacific.

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