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Sarah Linton

TOC Director & Catalyst Advisor



Perfectionist: 8 signs to look out for.


A Perfectionist is likely to achieve less, suffer from anxiety and have more stress than focussed high achievers.


Are your own expectations causing havoc with your emotional wellbeing?


Are you telling yourself:

  • I don’t know when to stop.
  • Have I done enough?
  • I’m going to mess this up.
  • Am I smart enough?
  • Can I do this? Am I enough?
  • That’s too risky.
  • I’m so frustrated. That’s too hard – I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • What will they think of me?
  • Can I Control This?


If you have had these thoughts, there is a high chance Perfectionism is speaking to you!

There’s nothing wrong with exploring the idea as we want to play to our own standards.

It’s healthy for us to be aware when that ‘needle on the dial’ starts heating up and heads towards a red flag sign that ultimately will cost us our energy and our vitality.



Perfectionism: A definition. 

Refusal to accept any standard short of Perfection.


We know that perfectionism is more than pushing yourself to do your best to achieve a goal.

Perfectionists are likely to achieve less, suffer from anxiety and have more stress than focussed high achievers.


There is a duality of performing at a high level, delivering quality results – at the same time, perfectionism drives mega anxiety and grinds you to a halt.


A Perfectionist may appear to have it together on the surface.

The trait affects all areas of their lives – at home, at work and at play.

The truth is underneath that layer is the inner turmoil that costs your vitality.


Perfectionism is not selective to its environment.

It’s part of who we are and how we do things.

It’s a habit….






Real & Raw Conversations


We have noticed how conversations uncover the reality of being stuck in a habit of STRIVING.


This topic has created some lively conversations at Tides of Change & the as we connect dots to our own experiences and discover ways for us to up-level our game as we navigate this terrain with our clients.


High Achievers in life (home-work and play) set themselves goals and have many comparable attributes around high standards.

Yet, the big difference is in the thoughts, emotions and execution.

To all Perfectionists out there – It’s worth getting curious about your reality.

Exploring this will help you to think about making changes that create more Vitality.



Perfectionism Signposts


Take a look at our overview and notice any behaviours, thoughts or feelings that apply to you.


PerfectionistIf you are struggling to get clarity on what you want  – book in with your Catalyst Coach HERE.

We can accelerate your outcomes with you.



Taking Action as a Perfectionist.


Perfectionism and the resulting anxiety can be overcome with the right conversations.

Recognising that change may be needed is the first step toward connection to your ebb and flow and achieving more inner peace.

With the right resources, you can move towards a happier, healthier, more hopeful life, where you can find inner peace in an overwhelming world.


Imagine being able to say that “almost perfect” is still a job really well done.






TOC Quote Galleries


This is a HOT topic and very present for many!

As part of our Quote Gallery Series – we worked one up for Perfectionism to Nourish your eyes,
Inspire you and assure you that you are far from alone.

Grab a cuppa and check it out HERE.




If you are ready to uplevel and make an impact on your future, and go further faster
book a cuppa with your Catalyst Coach HERE.


Step into a future version of yourself. We can accelerate your outcomes with you.
You have everything to gain.


Remember, sustainable change happens one step at a time.


Take care of you,

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  • You are enough as you are
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • You can still be a high performer AND have fun!
  • You are not alone
  • Progress, not Perfection.

2 final questions for your reflection …

Have you noticed any patterns where your thoughts are creating your habit of perfectionism?


What might need your attention?


At the Tides of Change, we can walk with you to connect to
your purpose and make living your intentional life your reality.

Book your Complimentary 60 minute Consult here


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Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton is a Catalyst for change and impact specialising in making change a reality for personal and professional evolution. A former business leader at global organisations including the Walt Disney Company. A Director, Master Coach, Mum and Founder of Tides of Change & The Sarah is passionately connected to her True North as a prolific creator of new horizons & holding that as a vision for her clients partnering across time zones in the UK, USA & Asia Pacific.

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