Health Coaching is one of the most influential decisions you can do to vastly improve your energy, focus, motivation and momentum to live your best story. 

Health, Mindset & Resilience Coaching integrates the whole picture of our health - 
physical, mind & mood health - through lifestyle habit change.

Whether its low energy, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, under-happiness or just a desire to get unstuck. We discover how different aspects of  your life affect your health &  happiness by changing habits and empowering you to be the advocate for your own well being. 

We focus on reward NOT deprivation - what we can have not what we can't!
We connect to what nourishes you. 

We get curious about the affects of all aspects of our environments.
How we live - what we put in our bodies - how we move - how we inhale the natural and accessible environments around us. 

Lifestyle changes nourish us in ways that bring joy, happiness, fulfilment and enables us to get more done in less time.  

Scientific evidence shows that 95% of our human behaviour is a result of HABIT.
Many of us struggle to make lifestyle changes that stick, even when we know we need to and our intentions are strong.
We are creatures of habit... it can be difficult to make significant change without support to help us follow through.

Our evidence-based HABIT CHANGE system gives you the right tools unique to you for:

⇒Self Discovery, Awareness & Clarity.
⇒Breakthrough blocks or undertow that hold you back.
⇒Overcome Fears.
⇒Shift mindset & let go of limiting beliefs. 
⇒Align priorities.
⇒Achieve Goals with ease.
⇒Build personal resilience.

⇒Reinvigorated Energy,
⇒Motivation & Self Confidence.
⇒Feel alive to Thrive with increased energy & vitality
⇒Live purposefully
⇒Know your worth & the critical role of Self Care
⇒Master the techniques to experience rapid & significant change.
⇒Master sustainable habit change (that really lasts)
⇒Progress & momentum to get more done in less time.
⇒Happiness & Fulfilment 

Set your compass. Experience your own Transformation - STEP-by-STEP. 

Change nothing & nothing changes - Reach out - New horizons await.

“High Tides | Good Vibes”

Researchers, professors and authors

Examples Steven Covey, Hal Elrod, M Scott Peck, Brene Brown, Kristin Neff, Charles Duhig, Seth Godin, Darren Hardy, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferris have all been influential in leading a paradigm shift in addressing factors that we can make a choice to change and take ownership of leading the life you want and love.
Some are pioneering in a shift on acceptance that reaching out for support and guidance at periods of our lives no longer carries negative stigma.

Technology & HUMANS

Google, Ted Talks, Pod Casts, U Tube, Apple, Amazon & All Social Media
give us an incredible platform to access and learn from the good to the greats.  
As Humans, we also know this to be true :
Knowledge does not always = Action. 
Just because we know what to do, does not mean we actually do it! 

On the Sports Field 

There would not be a performance athlete on any sports field that is not supported & nurtured by a coach to fulfil a sporting potential. Partnering with a Health Coach in our work, study or home bases has a major impact on our outputs
in what we do, how we do it & how we feel about it.

TIDES of CHANGE  E BOOK will help choose & provide some clarity along with further links.   Yours to download NOW.

Why have mediocracy when you can have extraordinary? 
“High Tides : Good Vibes”


Fuses the art & science  to optimise
health & wellbeing so we can:

⇒Access to inner resources
⇒Build on the belief that there are limitless resources
⇒Become experts of own lives to draw on personal experiences & create sustainable change.
⇒Development of strengths, identity & clarity on personal values
⇒Empowerment to achieve goals & anchor motivation
⇒Create inevitable success
⇒Monitor progress and celebrate outcomes
⇒Builds resilience for sustainable outcomes


NLP is the language of the mind that enables us to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

Tides of Change is also  actively involved with a Youth Mentoring programme working with teenagers. 


 Tides of Change offers Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®,  Hypnotherapy & Mentoring integrated as part of our coaching programmes.


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Everything to gain as your own adventure awaits.

It is okay to have depression, it is okay to have anxiety and it is okay to have an adjustment disorder. We need to improve the conversation.
We all have mental health in the same way we all have physical health.”

~Prince Harry

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