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Sarah Linton

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Emerging from our COVID reality


We are mindful this has affected us all in different ways. Some of the situation our clients are dealing with include XXXX

There have been many superheroes stepping up as a result of our global COVID pandemic. The key sectors have taken care of us & put themselves at the coal face.

Healthcare & First Responders, Grocery & Agricultural workers, Law Enforcement for Public Safety, Communications & IT, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Power & Water utilities, Garbage Collectors, Financial Services & other Community functions.  We are grateful every day for what they have done to keep us connected, fed, watered & supported. Thank you.

Photo Credit: Artur | Volunteers for Covid Crisis
Photo Credit: highwaystarz | Covid Community shopping 

This initiative caught our attention. Acknowledging a team that pulled all stops out to address an aspect of Care in the Community specifically focussed on those who live alone in our community.

Loneliness has been well documented as part of our mental wellness. Before  starting an overseas adventure from the UK 4 years ago, there were some fabulous initiatives raising the profile of the impact of loneliness. It’s a rising global statistic that thankfully is getting more attention. Here in NZ, there is similar profile and I’m noticing loneliness initiatives tackling the age wide issue.

As a COVID specific plan – Erica Stanford – local MP for East Coast Bays in Auckland ensured the vulnerable, those living alone would be supported by having all their provisions planned, shopped for and delivered to their door each week. Our essential workers in all the Supermarkets here in NZ wore their capes each day.

They kept the shelves stacked, embraced the surge of different shopping habits – their 10% increase in wages was more than well deserved. We experienced awesome examples of individuals pulling together for the greater good ensuring the needs of NZ were met.

The team at Erica Stanford’s office were impressive.

Loneliness can affect anyone regardless of age, race or background.

An army of volunteers were allocated lists for their areas & our 4-step brief was simple.

1) Call the homes to establish if they would like support with shopping etc.
We found many had loving families who were looking after them.

2) If it was a YES PLEASE – MONDAY call to get a shopping list

3) WEDS 6:30 AM – rock up to complete the shop

4) BY WEDS 8 AM the lovelies had their shopping needs met for the week.

Erica & her team arranged access for us to shop for our vulnerable in the community before any queues. We were at the stores amidst the essential supermarket workers, refilling shelves picking and packing the online orders. Always with a smile – every time.

Photograph by _______ from ______

Erica & Kelly met us at the checkouts trollies to pay for the orders. New World provided us with shopping bags and we delivered the goodies.  All payments were balanced on line with a seamless process. The gratitude & appreciation of those receiving the service was heart-warming.

A great initiative that made a difference to many. Thank you, Erica & all the team involved.

Without having Mum with us, we adopted 3 Grannies for the 2 months. We were struck by their courage & determination to move through our situation and get back to some independence as soon as it was possible. One we can’t leave! Instead of doing her shopping, we focus on a quality chat over a cuppa.

Loneliness is an emotional state that arises from not having the desired sufficient meaningful connections with others – those people you could rely on in time of need.


  • Loneliness is real & on our doorstep.
  • A small act can make a massive impact.
  • Proactive Leadership initiatives by Local MPS enabled us to reach those who needed support.
  • Communities pull together in times of crisis and an army of volunteers show up willing and able to care.


What small act might support someone in your local community? Leave a comment below.

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Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton is a Catalyst for change and impact specialising in making change a reality for personal and professional evolution. A former business leader at global organisations including the Walt Disney Company. A Director, Master Coach, Mum and Founder of Tides of Change & The Sarah is passionately connected to her True North as a prolific creator of new horizons & holding that as a vision for her clients partnering across time zones in the UK, USA & Asia Pacific.

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