"The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you"
≈   Joyce Meyer  

                                                       I'm worth it

I started the Reset|Reboot Cleanse to discover more about my body and overcome my exhaustion. I felt invigorated and followed up with the 90 day Fatigue programme. I know my body + myself better than i ever have. I deleted old habits + started new healthier ones. I dropped 2 dress sizes over 12 months. We did not talk in measures of weight: we talked in pictures. Sarah kept me focussed on what i needed to own for myself. It worked. I needed a Health Coach to STOP relying on others for my health and happiness + START living freely.        My experience in a sentence? - It's not always easy - i'm worth it - it's worth every step.
Cheryl  | Accountant | Australia

                                         New habits | New focus

Tides of Change came recommended by an overseas business colleague who had started to work with a Health Coach. A congruent supporter who stretched my thinking and held me fully accountable to make the progress i needed to make sh*t happen in the business & in my personal life. New habits got me unstuck, moving faster, more effectively & constantly focussed.” Don't hesitate.
Sam  | Finance Director | KL

                                               I've got you back

Initially a cynic and became a convert. I hit a wall at 43.  With Sarah's belief in what was possible, I was able to access my options that by doing nothing it was weighing heavily on my shoulders. Best feedback came when my wife said "i've got you back” I'm a happier, healthier husband, dad and friend" So thankful to be this side with a bright future ahead. In a phrase Tides of Change = life-changing. 
Chris | Property Manager |  London UK


                          No Nonsense | No Fads |  Simple Habits

Sarah takes a caring yet stretch approach and had me focussed on my "what" and "how". This is a no nonsense partnership knowing what i wanted and how to get it.
No fads - no diets just choices and changing habits. My story?  3 kids, work P/T. 
On my 2 days off i call myself a Lycra mum that never needed to wear it - intended to gym it - never did. With my Health Coach I found alternatives for movement - ive dropped 12kg and about to pound out my first 12K. The step-by-step approach moved me rapidly into taking actions and owning my choices. When i messed up and life got in the way, Sarah helped me unravel what kept me stuck in old patterns.  Her consistent belief kept me motivated & on track.  After completing 2 x 90 day programmes I now have a Health Coach as my gift of knowing self care.  
Miriam | Auckland NZ (from SA) 


I'll be happy when....

"The number of times i heard myself say  'I'll be happy when.....'  ...i never was. After attending a Skills Lab to develop a Purpose & Vision with Tides of Change, I engaged in the 90-day Mind, Food & Mood Transformation.  I was able to articulate my desires, my frustrations and how my health was deeply connected to my mind and my mood. Even this awareness was a major step. Sarah assisted me to connect the dots and i worked out how i could make daily decisions around my lifestyle habits and do things differently.  I felt empowered to take action that moved me from being painfully stuck to fabulously free.  The results have been significant in my approach to my health that have affected all aspects of my wellbeing. My one phrase to support Tides of Change - my heart, my health and my mind are deeply grateful for your caring approach that kept me going on those days when i could not fly."
Katie | London UK

“Spinning multiple plates as a working mum AND setting up a business. I met Sarah at a business networking group. When we started working together, there was part of me that did not believe it was even possible for me to achieve the goals we outlined. I was stuck - overwhelmed - without sight of a way forward. Within weeks those frozen dreams (and more) started to open up. Sarah ( held me to task) released my fears of getting on with what i needed to do encouraging me to put down the rocks that weighed me down. I'm still amazed at the speed of change of my own progress. I feel happier, focussed & having more time with my kids. I feel less guilty about me-time. Sarah calls it a tool box - i call it her "genie lamp".. I have never felt so motivated and focussed to keep me on track. If you were feeling stuck & want progress this is the way forward”

- Anita : Mum to 3 & Business Owner : UK

“Working with Tides of Change set me free from my negative self talk and helped me make decisions that were stopping me from taking action. I had become depressed and hid behind a mask of unhappiness. I was seriously stuck in a deep rut in my work and personal life. I defaulted to travel to try and 'work myself out'. I learnt that i could not do it on my own & looked for help and was refered to Sarah through my physio. The Total Transformation programme lifted my life for the better. I discovered so much and opened up possibilities that i never thought i could. My best investment of 2017”
- Ingrid H : Project Manager & Engineer : Germany

“I had never linked my mood to my food or believed that that would make any difference. 10 years of horrid relationships as a victim, I struggled with habitual drinking and unhappiness. The Tides of Change 90 Day Mood /Food programme not only sorted what i put in my body, it sorted how i felt about myself and how it was possible change my negativity. I am now a healthy relationship where i actually hear & see myself laugh again. Having a Health Coach has kept me fully engaged, building my resilience + completely committed to keeping my sun shining.”
- Allyson : New Zealand

“As one of Sarah's early pro bono clients, I completed the full 90 day Energy Transformation programme. The experience changed habits for health & shifted my focus to lifestyle choices that reignited my energy and got my weight & smoking in check. Sarah is an excellent listener who completely believed in me. Sarah made it fun + personal yet stretched me into zones that i would never been able to do alone. Recommended her to my Mum who has benefited from working with Tides of Change too”
- Heidi L : FT Working Mum Business Owner : NZ

“ Working with Sarah as my Health Coach helped me work out what i wanted. I had delayed addressing my head + my body health for over a decade which compounded an underlying depression stuck in a role that made me feel sick. I put up barriers to change until eventually i was able to dismantle the wall. Progress in bite sized manageable chunks + proudly ditched all the meds. We did it team!
- Mike McK : Bath : UK

“Sarah met me as an exhausted 63yr old anxious Granny who couldn't say no. (my daughter introduced us) It was a joy working through her programme. I felt safe and at ease. It helped me to understand the meaning of self care even covering taboo subjects around my experiences and changes during my menopause 15 years ago. Her compassion and creative thinking has helped me to feel more confident about myself with more time for my family & friends. Through feeling happier and making healthy choices I'm 8kg lighter, have more energy, have new hobbies and feel nearer 50 again. Rebooked a Reset/ Reboot for January and i'm all in for 2019”
Teri : Grandparent : New Zealand

“Sarah's work around NLP enabled me to let go of some deep rooted beliefs i had about myself that kept me stuck in fear of change. I have been able to open new doors, let go of the stuff and set myself free : really excited - feel grateful and happier. I wish i had met Sarah years ago. My phrase for Tides of Change : reignited all my hope and belief.”
Miriam : Social Worker : Sydney 2018

“I was a pro bono client working with Sarah through Time Line®Therapy sessions. This is powerful stuff and i was able to release the core of my overwhelm. Sarah's coaching style is supportive, active and professional; she is completely present, perceptive, intuitive, warm and fun. I would encourage anyone who is struggling to have a breakthrough or to navigate their way forward in life to go ahead and schedule a consultation. Thanks for working with me”
- Reece : Hamilton NZ

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Feedback is more than a gift 

To hear the successes connects us to the joy of why we do, what we do.
What starts with a conversation to make change, the step-by-step discovery is so inspiring.
We are humbled & grateful for their trust, their sharing and
for all they teach us from their individual greatness. Thank you.