#11 ingredients that inspired Tides of Change

"Not everything needs a recipe -
soul food is the right blend in the fight measures"


Growing up in a family of 11 children had it's place for fun and learning.
NUMBER 8 of the football team of 6 girls and 5 boys :
even though we are far apart FAMILY & FRIENDSHIPS are at my heart.
With 10 siblings, 25 nieces & nephews, Mum to 2 of my own boys - Joshua (18)  & Ollie (13).
It’s a joy observing them all grow in all different directions and being part of their lives. 
I adore making time to keep these connections close & enjoy hearing all news as it happens.
Many of them have been my teachers.


I'm on a personal mission to ensure the post office stays trading by
keeping handwritten letters alive!
I own a beautiful ink pen and get a kick out of handwriting & receiving letters.

#3.  SUNRISE SUP & being near WATER

A new hobby on my NZ adventure with my constant companion Honey-Belle on my board.
(Water - Sunrise - Wooferz  = perfect start to any day:) The magic of swimming with Dolphins that represent fun & freedom.


has always been at my core to expand learning & growth.
Forever curious,  a mantra I adopted over
decades of travel for business or pleasure.  
“New City : New People : New Food : New sunrise!
What’s New here & What can I learn?" 

ourite country is still ITALY for its architecture,
history, beauty and it's food!
I have a top 5 for my favourite city :
LONDON takes top spot for its culture, diversity, 
history and that British Vibe.


 I have a passion for creative expression with food especially influences around
Perisan, Moroccan & Italian dishes.   
Round 1 of My Fantasy Dinner Party Guests include :
Sir David Attenborough, Dr Brene Brown, Robin Williams, Ariana Huffington, Rodger Federah, George & Amal Clooney,  Freddie Mercury,  Richard Branson, Audrey Hepburn,  Dalai Lama & The Queen.
Imagine the Fun conversations! 


find me when I need them the most.
My current favourite is from a
beautiful spirit in Mother Theresa -
 " Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.
Let us begin."

#7.   FUN MOMENTS within 20 yrs of corporate business.  

Leadership roles training & developing talent.  10 of those years with The Walt Disney Company. 
I had the fortune to study at the Disney University in Anaheim gaining access into ultimate insights of BRAND integrity.
The only time I’ve been scared of kids was when I was mobbed by autograph hunters as a character in the Los Angeles Walt Disney Theme park!


Classical, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Chill & Funk  :   it’s in my genes with a family full of musical hands and vocals :  live bands are the hallmark of my early decades. 
A mega fan of stadium concerts throughout
the 80’s & 90’s travelling far and wide to see bands across Europe. 
I am proud to admit to my secret addiction to 80's music TINA TURNER & TAKE THAT who I’ve seen 12 times in concert!
(Twice in NZ on their only 2 nights here in 2017)


Amidst an adventure writing that book whilst living in AUCKLAND N.Z.   However, BRISTOL UK,  pulls on my heart strings & will always be home - currently getting used to long haul travel as part of our family lives!


I've been writing a journal since i was 12 yrs old - even have some scribbles of younger years!
Some of my work was planted from those initial dreams! 
A gratitude Journal lives in my handbag - because there is always something to write!

#11.   2  FAVOURITE QUESTIONS of all time : 

What 3 words would you want to be remembered for? 

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Lets connect!

Travel Lightly collecting memories,