15 easy access locations for meditation on the move

Meditation on the move – Can you find 20 minutes during your day to find quiet and calm in your mind & your life?
Sit, stand or simply ‘be’ wherever you are.

If you were in In Thailand, Bhutan, China or India, you would see many monks adorning saffron orange robes sitting crossed legged on chairs in waiting areas – in nature – or anywhere relevant to their day. Location does not have to limit access to meditation.
You don’t have to create your zen in a studio or at home – it can be where you are – right now!


As a curious teenager, I recall being in Florida on a tour of Kennedy Space Station and coming across a group of monks sitting meditating on the sidewalk. I was taken by the image of the community connected to ancient art and practice amidst  a backdrop of the pinnacle of space travel – I was even more curious as it represented a fusion of connection to historical tradition something greater futuristic development – some decades later my curiosity led me to deeper understanding of the power and peace of being present and mindful anywhere and everywhere.

Here are a few thoughts of locations that may appeal for those mindful meditation moments – to reset and re-energise gives you the opportunity to disconnect to reconnect. Unplug to recharge.
Let’s get our ZEN and embrace what comes back.


Kitchen? Living area? Bedroom?
I regularly meditate in bed before sleep. It relaxes me, helps me fall asleep faster and promotes restful sleep.

#2 In the GARDEN
Got a plank or a garden cushion?
Sit down and get in the zone and breathe.

#3 STANDING anywhere
On the deck – on the lawn – in any room. Wherever the vibe takes you. To feel more connected to the ground – take off your shoes and socks and feel the ground beneath your feet.
It’s freeing to know that you are consciously & energetically connected.

Meditation on the move – it’s easy when you know how.

#4 Next to your PET.
We know that the role of the unconditional love of our furry friends. See more about this in our blog on the
Practice of Unconditional Love publishing June 21 2019! Oh to be a dog!

#5 Busy new PARENT of
Why create the zen beside your sleeping baby! ….
Or even with your new-born on you.
Now that gives me goosebumps knowing the vital connection of those early weeks and months.
It will also get the flow of oxytocin – that love hormone that bonds. Capture those magic moments before they start moving. As a parent of 2 teenagers that time goes all too quick! This will be a reset and so good for you as a parent and for your babe. 
Meditation on the move.


#6 At, on, beside, or under your DESK!

#7 Empty MEETING ROOM? Go take a break
Unplug reset and re-energise.


#8 A PARK BENCH is always inviting.
Even to pause your walk to take a breath,
observe what is around you.

When we travel we hunt out the botanical garden of any city. A calm space within a frantic world. They are without exception a space to be – even at the heart of a city. The gardens are generally well maintained and have met the most passionate individuals working in these who are doing what they love and loving what they do.  We reckon the plants pick up on the energy and bloom knowing they are loved and nurtured.

#10 WATER Locations
A beach – by the sea or the ocean – by a lake or a pond.
Feel the vibe, smell the water.
What are you taking in?

in your garden or in the city near you.
Breathe some nature in your lungs – take a walk outside – would you know how close the nearest open space is to your workplace? Where is the nearest park? It will be worth finding out!
Meditation on the move will reduce stress and overwhelm.


What’s stopping you?

There is always waiting around time – lots of chairs & floor space. So when you are flying …there’s a meditation moment waiting to happen.
And if you get delayed – NO Stress! Meditate your way through it!  We’ve been to many an airport where there are quiet areas – even some with lounge chairs –
now that’s luxury!
Meditation on the move – easy when you know how.

#13 CAR TRAVEL – as a passenger or stop at rest areas
Why not stop at a rest area – there are always picnic areas, service areas – refuel your car – REFUEL your SELF! or go the Extra Mile and find a fabulous café. (ooh whilst were are on that subject and if you are in the UK …get the Extra Mile Guide Book @theextramile
It’s full of ideas of those fabulous locations that take you that
extra mile for the extra experience!)

#14 ON the BUS
There are even seats at most bus stops and some train stations have seats on platforms or restrooms. 

#15 ON the TRAIN
Find the quiet carriage and get in the zone – the noise will soon subside when you focus your energy and connect to that inner calm. 

…& how cool was this?…bravo Lululemon ……bringing a meditation space to you in the heart of the buzz of London to celebrate a new store opening!

Waterfalls and nature are our favourite locations for meditation. We don’t have one at the bottom of our garden but we make it part of our plan to get near one whenever we can.
Waterfall hunting was our 2018 challenge! 
Our goal was to visit a waterfall a week. 
Completely rocked it and got to 57 throughout the year! 
In one week we got to 9 just by looking up – waterfalls near me. Blown away finding ones we had no idea were so close.

The more we practice accessing calm in busy spaces we can better integrate meditation moments into our daily lives.
Knowing this to be true, our mindset can shift to making this a daily practice where ever we go.
Meditation on the move – activate your energy.

Think about your pattern of the week ahead and be curious to work out if there is a 20-minute window you can carve out for your personal mindful moments.

We have included the benefits of meditation in our blog:
The Meditation Movement – focussing on 10 physical and 10 psychological benefits. There are many more too – why not give it a go and experience for yourself.
Enjoy the discovery of meditation on the move.

At Tides of Change, we believe that establishing healthy habits is key to reigniting our energy & vitality. Reducing stress is fundamental to a truly healthy life.

Travel lightly to shine brightly,

Sarah Linton

Principle Coach | Tides of Change